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Lymph treatment 60mins (full body) 60mins¥5500

To clean and drain your lymph nodes system to increase your hormone balance, reduce swelling.
This Treatment can lead you to diet and to decrease your fatigue for healthier body and mind!
We have the originalTreatment .

Lymph care(full body lymph treatment / facial lymph treatment) 90mins¥8500

Incorporating aromatherapy by combining facial aroma lymph treatment,
which was often requested,with whole body aroma lymph treatment,
we made it our original Treatment.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 60 mins (full body) 60mins¥5500

To press, rub, knead and squeeze created by Hawaiian ancient treatment style for healing.
To sooth you shoulder and back pain, to reduce fatigue by recreating the flow of energy
back to normal.

We have the original Treatment.

Lymph treatment +Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

We have the original treatment a good part of the lomi lomi and lymph treatment.


90 mins (full body) ¥8000 60 mins (full body) ¥5500

Special healthy intestine Treatment

Towards want to be beautiful, we offer treatments for beauty and health.
Take edema lymph drainage, aim the facial, and a healthy intestine
Treatment we was in one of the course.


90 mins (Aroma lymph treatment+ facial lymph treatment + intestine Treatment ) ¥10000 
60 mins (Aroma lymph treatment + intestine Treatment ) ¥7000

Healthy intestine treatments  20 mins ¥3000

Intestine is called the second heart. It is a very important organ in protecting our health.
Intestinal bacteria from the past, that there is a variety of disease and deep relationship
has been found in the study.
By using to clean the intestine , beauty, detox, immunity up, mental illness,
you can expect a variety of effects, such as cancer prevention.

Sleep well Treatment  60mins ¥5000

It is an oil treatment that can increase sleep by increasing serotonin.
It leads to deep relaxation and relaxes stress.
We prepared specially for essential oils, music, herbal tea,
everything you can sleep at all.
Foot bath with herbal tea.

Hot Stone Treatment(full body) 60mins  ¥6000

Use warmed stone and treat with oil. It helps to improve swelling, coldness and stiffness,
and can also be expected for relaxation.

Fatigue recovery support project Treatment (Full body)60 mins ¥5000

It is a Treatment that combines oil Treatment and footTreatment , which can be expected to be
effective in relieving fatigue.

HoguLuLu original relaxation treatment (for men)

This oil treatment is intended to help release tension throughout the body
aid in activating blood circulation, and aid in detoxification around the groin area.
An oil treatment is applied from the back to the feet to relieve tension in the prostate.
Soften the chest area, massage the abdominal stiffness
and stimulate and activate the area around the groin area. (including Jap Kasai)


30 minutes (groin area only) ¥4500
60 minutes (back to legs, prostate, groin area) ¥8000
90 minutes (back to legs, prostate, chest to abdomen, groin area) ¥11000
Additional 30 minutes ¥3500

Optional 30mins ¥2500

Add extra with above menu. shoulders, back, arms, lower back and feet etc.

No oil Treatment Menu

Facial Lymph treatment 30mins ¥3000

Pressing the beauty points on your face to minimise daily trouble.
Wrinkles and swelling can be reduced by rubbing muscles,
stimulate nerves balance to increase blood flow and revitalise for refined
beautiful and smaller looking face.
We arranged facial lymph treatment for men.

Head Treatment 30 mins ¥2500

The scalp is fatigued by stress and external causes, and it also causes
hair loss and thin hair.
It also causes sagging of your face. We will activate the scalp to alleviate

head trouble and
aim for lift up. Besides scalp treatment it also leads to deep relaxation.

Hand and foot reflexology 30 mins  each ¥2500

Mainly back of feet by pressing for physical change to the body.

Japkasai (male only) 

Increase male vitality, by stimulating lymph in the testicles and surroundings
for energy reinforcement, kidney recovery and reducing backache.
We have the original Treatment.

In addition, there is limited in terms of Treatment.
Please ask staff for details.


60 mins ¥7000  60 mins ¥7200(oil treatment)

Foot whole Treatment 30mins ¥2500  60mins  ¥4500

When we are tired, walking, when feet swell in standing work, we help you to get
tired by shedding lymph and fatigue substances gently and firmly stuck in the lower legs.
Foot bath for 10 minutes Treatment 20 minutes.(30mins)
Foot bath for 10 minutes Treatment 50 minutes.(60mins)

Stretching body work

Upper body Treatment& stretch 60mins¥4500

We combined treatment and stretch of the upper body.
By moving the shoulder blades,
you can raise fundamental metabolism and expect a diet effect.
Furthermore, by adding a stretch, we will further raise the basal metabolism.
It makes it difficult to soften your muscles and cause stiff neck and neck stiffness.

Lower body Treatment& stretch 60mins¥4500

We combined Treatment and stretch of the lower body.
We will stretch for hip relaxation and prevention, centering on the hip joint.
By moving the hip joint, we will raise fundamental metabolism and expect diet effect.
Furthermore, by adding a stretch, we will further raise the basal metabolism.
It also makes your muscles softer making it less prone to back pain

and it also prevents injuries.

Full body Treatment & stretch  

We combined body Treatment and stretch together.
Move your shoulder blades and hip joints to raise the basal metabolism,
soften your muscles and make it harder for stiff shoulder and
lower back pain.
Furthermore, the goal is to create a body that makes it easier

to lose weight by adding stretch.
We do not use oil but do it with clothes.


60mins¥4500 90mins¥7000

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi & Stretch 60mins¥4500

I added a stretch to Lomi Lomi’s Treatment and made it our original Treatment .
Lomi Lomi gently relaxes muscles, stretches and softens the muscles that are
softened to improve basal metabolism. It is Treatment without clothes using oil.

Brazilian Wax hair removal (By body part price)

Eyebrows, Upper lip, Ear, Nose Fingers of the hand and foot ¥500/eachAbove both elbows or below both elbows  ¥2500
Nape ¥1500Stomach ¥3000
Shoulder ¥2000Butt  ¥3000
Back  ¥3000legs ¥5000
Chest ¥3000V-line (bikini) ¥3500
Armpit ¥2000I-line  ¥1500
both hands ¥4500O-line  ¥2500

Brazilian Wax hair removal(Pack price)

Pack A (shoulder + back) ¥4500 Pack H (V + I + O + stomach + butt) ¥10000
Pack B (shoulder + back + butt) ¥7500 Pack I (shoulder + back + butt + V + I + O) ¥12000
Pack C (chest + shoulder) ¥4500Pack J (chest + stomach + V + I + O + thigh + below knee) ¥15000
Pack D (chest + stomach) ¥5500Pack K(From shoulder to back of hand + thigh + below knee) ¥7000
Pack E (V + I + O) ¥6000Pack L (From elbow to back of hand+Knee to ankle ) ¥4500
Pack F (I + O or V + O) ¥4000Pack M(both hands+Armpit) ¥5000
Pack G (V + I + O + butt) ¥7500Pack N( V + I + O +legs) ¥8000

light hair removal

light hair removal Part Price

Mustache (around the mouth) / ¥5000
Beard (cheek or chin) / ¥3000
Breast / ¥5000
Armpit / ¥4000
Elbow to hand / ¥4000
Elbow to shoulder / ¥4000
Stomach / ¥5000
Back / ¥6000
Ass / ¥6000
V line / ¥4000
I line / ¥2000
O line / ¥3000
Thigh / ¥5000
Below the knee / ¥5000

Set price

A pack (VIO) / ¥6000
B pack (VI or VO) / ¥4000
C pack (VIO + stomach or buttocks) / ¥7000
D pack (under shoulder to fingertips) / ¥6000
E pack (socket to toes) / ¥9000
F pack (upper body excluding face) / ¥8500
G pack (lower body excluding VIO) / ¥8500
H pack (whole body face excluding VIO) / ¥25000
I pack (whole body) / ¥35000