Customer feedback

In our shop, our customers to improve treatments and technology, we have conducted a questionnaire survey in order to carry out the treatment that suits per person per person.
The comments I got from your part will introduce. After the questionnaire, We will introduce the contents to talk to customers.

From 54y/o male customers of comments

During treatment, I forgot the time would be to sleep in comfortably.

Comments from Hogululu

For busy modern society, but it is Iii there is space that take sleep time. Treatment during sleeping is 90% of the people.

From 49y/o male customers of comments

I felt that it is treatment that suits my taste.

Comments from Hogululu

It was good. Or treatments that fit to you, I do not know that it is not try to receive.

From 60y/o male customers of comments

In polite treatment, I was very relaxed.

Comments from Hogululu

Thanks you. We'll try to get to like to everybody.

From 26y/o female customers of comments

Body and, mind force I was calm missing.

Comments from Hogululu

You felt a very strong stress. We are glad to can help your stress is no longer even a little.

From 42y/o female customers of comments

I was able to relax in the feeling, such as those like undergone treatment at the resort.

Comments from Hogululu

I am glad if you can feel the Hawaii even a little.

From 39y/o female customers of comments

With respect to health, I get a advice, I'm glad that was tell me the improvements. It does not tell in detail in other shops.

Comments from Hogululu

Illness or advice, such as a good place is better to have improved, so we engaged in daily work Because I think I clearly explained possible, please feel free to contact us.

From 34y/o female customers of comments

In the service, and welcome drink, herbal tea, such as high polyphenol chocolate, is amazing service. Not get to so service in other stores. And, I'm happy just what all healthy good thing to be issued.

Comments from Hogululu

Inner surfaces, from desire to want you to become the outer surface both healthy Service is doing.

From 39y/o male customers of comments

It was very felt good. It was the best ever. I was very healed. Was a blink.

Comments from Hogululu

Thank you for your compliment. Please come again.

From 57y/o male customers of comments

Very Relaxing.Same as the Lomi Lomi Hawaiian.

Comments from Hogululu

Thank you so much!

In addition, we got an opinion to improve.

From 36y/o male customers of comments

When there is no time, soles is a do not have to.

Comments from Hogululu

Your concern Thank you. For those of one person This is okay because you are taking your time is drilled and reservation.

From 42y/o male customers of comments

I want to be soft because overall body is stiff.

Comments from Hogululu

Move your body every day, and you do bending and stretching of the muscle Is effective. Please try.

From 28y/o male customers of comments

When prone, I think I if there is a soft cushion.

Comments from Hogululu

When prolonged treatments, I will become painful. Because we offer a soft cushion, please say when the desired

From 47y/o male customers of comments

I'm glad when there is a long menu than 90 minutes course.

Comments from Hogululu

Prolonged treatment may result in a long time to take the same posture, To become a customer of the burden, in our shop we have a limit of 90 minutes. Please understand.

From 51y/o male customers of comments

I case of treatments, like to receive a long stroke from the groin to the ankle. It was unsatisfactory because stroke was short.

Comments from Hogululu

During the foot of treatments, We ware changed to long stroke.

From 48y/o male customers of comments

I hope and a little more cheap

Comments from Hogululu

The price did on research, we have set to low. More price I will try to be lowered.

In addition to the above, has been healed, the body becomes lighter, it was possible to relax, or I want to go to shop again, force acceleration was just good, it was a good feeling well the smell of oil, for the first time experienced the oil treatment feeling was good, and the comments have and many people there can offer help.


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