GALLERY of Our Salon

We show you pictures of our salon.

Building pics

Location of the salon:

We are located few minutes walk from the Kokusai Street. There are Sakurazaka Theater ,Sakurazaka Hotel ( naw Construction ) ,Tsuboya Museum near our salon. There is no parking.

Waiting room pics

In waiting area at the Salon:

We will be asking you to fill in treatment information. Most of our patients are upon booking so you may not see others waiting. There is a sofa and reading materials if needed.

Treatment Room pics

Treatment area:

Our treatment style is 1 to 1. Please feel free to discuss for consultation or any other things which you may have in your mind.

other salon pics

Other pics:

Treatment Oil ,Herbal Tea ,etc.


telephone No. Telephone No.+81-80-6496-0705
E-Mail E-Mail:If you have any questions, first, please feel free to contact us. - Mail to us

address ADD.:Copo Sakurazaka 1st FL, 3-7-15, Makishi, Naha City Zip cord : 900-0013