STEP1 : Welcome drink and asking for body condition

STEP2 : Foot bath

except for facial treatment. Choose a herbal tea.

STEP3:Change Your Clothes


Men to take all clothes


Full body treatment

Yok Thong and full body treatment to put disposible underwear above your underwear and to put disposable bra instead of yours.

Requesting 45 mins or 30 mins menu

Please change into comfortable clothing or use provided disposable underwears.

For Reflexology and Facial treatment(Men and Women)

You many not need to change your clothing.

STEP4 : Treatment

After changeing clothing, please lie down on to the bed.

STEP5 : After treatment

After oil treatment only, hot towels are used to wipe off excessive oil on your face and body.

STEP6 : herbal tea service

Once the treatment is done, we will offer you the chosen herbal tea.

STEP7 : Pay for the treatment

Pay for the treatment and book for another one if you wish.

After the treatment

Please drink lots of water for detoxing treatment for your body. As we use nutritional oil for your body, to keep your body moist and repair, we wish you not to take shower immediately.


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